What’s the average cost of a dumpster rental?

What’s the average cost of a dumpster rental?

No one likes trash, garbage, or junk lying around unhandled, right? After all, it looks ugly and smells bad, and is even harmful to your health. So, you must make sure to manage the trash in an appropriate manner. If the trash or garbage accumulation is more than the capacity of your bin, you may need a dumpster rental. Whether it’s a demolition going on or you organize frequent parties, dumpster rental is the best choice to make.

Where to find a dumpster rental, and how much does it cost? Do you have the same question in mind? Well, it quite easy. You can simply mention your location and search for the best dumpster rentals in your locality.

Dumpster Rental Pricing 

If you’re interested in renting a dumpster but are unsure about its pricing, you can read further for better clarity. When it comes to the average price or cost of a dumpster rental, it’s pretty vague. It depends on factors such as: –

  • Location
  • Dumpster Type
  • Type of garbage/trash/junk
  • Duration
  • The Dumpster Rental Company you choose
  • Late Fee
  • Extension

Although the price depends on the above factors, most dumpster rental companies charge somewhere between $200 – $800 a week. And, if you need a dumpster rental, let’s say for more than a month, it may cost you between $1000 – $3000 a month. Also, there are dump fees of up to $65 per to that you may need to pay. Here are some average prices for different types of dumpster rentals: –

Cost of a Small Dumpster Rental 

When you’re dealing with small-scale projects like scrapping old floor tiles, a small dumpster rental is perfect. There are sizes available from 2 cubic yards to 10 cubic yards, for which you may have to pay between $75-$325 a week.

Cost of Junk Removal

If there’s not too much space and you want your furniture to be picked up, you can ask for junk removal. You have to collect the junk in one place, and the guys from the junk removal company will haul it away for somewhere between $140-$450.

Construction Dumpster Cost 

When you have construction going on, and you can ask for a construction dumpster rental. It’s quite similar to the residential dumpster rental, but the cost is somewhat different. You pay around $100 bucks at the local landfill where the waste is to be thrown.

Additional Costs

If you need a bagster, depending upon your requirements, you may have to pay $99 for a single bag. Also, you may have to first buy the bag separately for $30. There are certain costs associated with dumpster rentals like late fees, permits, extensions. But it all depends on the circumstances.

Final Word!

The prices given above are average. So, the prices you’ll pay to your dumpster company may vary with location and various other factors. The best way to get an idea of what’s an affordable dumpster rental, kindly put in some research. Try calling local dumpster companies and find the best prices according to your needs.